Questionnaire For Your Guests

You’ve put so much time and planning into your special day, but trust me, it goes by in the blink of an eye! Besides memorable videos/photos, (see Video/Photography Tips blog) another way to capture moments with your guests is to hand out this useful and engaging questionnaire.

Simply print out copies of this questionnaire and place them on your guest tables with a beautiful pen bouquet in the center of each table (monogram your pens for keepsakes!) Create a stylish box at the exit of your reception so guests can drop off their comments and well wishes! During your honeymoon, you can enjoy the special time you spend with your spouse reading advice and stories from your loved ones!

10 Useful Questions to Ask Your Wedding Guests


·       What is the best marriage advice you can give us?


·       What will you remember most about our wedding day?


·       Write a few words that best describe each of us:


·       What should we do during our first year as a married couple?


·       How should we celebrate our 1st anniversary?


·       What is your favorite place you’ve been to that we should visit? 


·       What can we do to fall in love with each other over and over again?


·       What should we do every day as a married couple?


·       What is your best advice for us as parents?


·       Where do you see us in 10 or 20 years?

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