"Music Musts" For Your Wedding


So you’ve picked “the one” …you’ve chosen “THE dress” …you’ve secured “the venue” …what about the music? Whether you’re going with a live band or a DJ, here are some “Music Musts” for your special day!

1) Meet with your band or DJ ahead of time. Attend a showcase if that’s an option. Pay attention to the song choices and also how the band or DJ emcees, whether they take requests, and how well they get the crowd going. Talk to the DJ or bandleader at some point and make sure you get a good vibe. He/she will be your emcee for the night, so you’ll want a good rapport and open communication. Choose someone who makes you feel comfortable and allows your vision to come to life! At VegasETC, we’re known for becoming part of the family and love getting to know you!

2) Schedule time for a sound check. No matter how many weddings this venue has done, the sound quality depends on the size of the room, the musicians selected, how many will be in attendance, the types and positioning of speakers, etc, etc. Talk to your venue manager about checking the DJ, band, microphones and tracks to ensure proper sound. At VegasETC, we reach out to the venue for you and make sure our equipment is the perfect match for your perfect day!

3) Have pre-ceremony music. The anticipation of waiting for the beautiful bride can make the wait feel like a lifetime. Make it more comfortable for your guests and make sure to create a playlist for BEFORE your ceremony/entrance/exit music. VegasETC takes everything into consideration and has you fill out a questionnaire to ensure the flow of your event from start to finish is seamless. Our DJs help signal when music swells or fades and also when guests need to be seated or rise for special moments…leave the worrying to us and enjoy your day!

4) Speak with your officiant about music and song choices for your ceremony. Some churches or other religious venues are sensitive to secular music and you do not want to offend your officiant right before he blesses your union. VegasETC will send reminders and checklists to make sure you don’t miss a beat!

5) Hand a list of your favorite or “must-play” tunes to your band or DJ well in advance. Don’t assume the DJ or band will play your “jam” without some prompting. Some bands may even be willing to learn certain songs for a small rehearsal fee. VegasETC DJs will ask you all the necessary questions ahead of time to make sure all bases are covered!

6) Be aware of volume levels throughout the night. You don’t want to blow your guests away with “nightclub volume”, but you still want them to feel the party vibe! Your VegasETC team has a timeline with volume cues/levels noted throughout your entire event!

7) Keep your guests’ attention span in mind. Even though you LOVE the whole song for your first dance or other special dances, realize that your guests are just standing there watching you and your loved ones. It’s okay to cut your music to a comfortable length. VegasETC can help you cut music so that you don’t lose your audience’s attention during those special moments.

8) Hand your DJ/band a “do not play list” if there are certain songs you do NOT want. Let’s face it, everybody loves The Electric Slide…or do they? VegasETC will remind you to list any songs that make you cringe and we’ll only play censored versions of your favorites as to not offend your guests ;-)

9) Be open to musical genres. Even though you LOVE the 90’s, you may want to play a few Rat Pack or Frankie Valli tunes as a shout-out thank you to the parents. VegasETC is known for our diverse musical library and our versatile bands can keep any crowd dancing all night long!

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