How Much Does A Wedding DJ cost?


According to Wedding Wire, the average cost of a DJ for four hours is $1200.

Here is some insight into what you’re getting for your dollar. The average cost REALLY depends on what kind of quality you want…

After shopping around, you might get quoted $200-$300 for a beginner DJ. This is the music lover who may DJ as a hobby in his spare time. The next price range goes from $400-$700 and this would be your part-time DJ who most likely has a full-time job and picks up work on the weekends for extra cash. Now, if you’re looking for the experienced, full-time, professionally-trained DJ, that will run you $1000-$2500.

If your budget can only cover the beginner DJ, you’re better off saving money and creating your perfect playlist and run it from an iPad or computer. You can have a close friend or relative make your announcements since the DJ usually coordinates that as well.

If you think $400-$700 is your budget, just be prepared for a few hiccups as part-time DJs don’t usually log the hours it takes to master emceeing, create seamless transitions, acquire extensive musical playlists to engage all your guests, etc. Also, they probably haven’t sprung for the quality (and expensive) DJ equipment/sound system it takes to ensure a successful event. Not to mention, if you want to add any lighting, truss, moving head lights or LED effects, part-time DJs don’t usually have this in their arsenal either.

If you TRULY want a quality emcee/DJ, be prepared to spend $1000+. These professionals make this amount for a reason. They own top quality sound technology and an extensive music database, have several years of experience working a crowd and speaking to an audience and usually spend 20-40 hours working with you directly to guarantee your vision comes to life. Our VegasETC DJs will hand you a detailed questionnaire and communicate directly with your venue manager and event planner to create a seamless event. You can rest assured that preparedness is part of the package.

Now, there MAY be some overpriced DJs who don’t meet all the requirements, so make sure to read our blog entitled, “FING THE BEST WEDDING DJ” so you know exactly what to look for when selecting the perfect DJ for your wedding!

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