"All The Little Things" To Remember Before The Big Day!

When you’re coordinating the dress, the cake, the guests, the honeymoon and all the other BIG decisions, sometimes it’s easy to forget “all the little things”…

Here are a few friendly reminders of some “little things” you shouldn’t forget to do the week before your BIG DAY!

1) Break in your wedding day shoes! - I’m talking 7 days before…then again 5 days before…and so on… Throw some socks on, put bandaids on your heels BEFORE they get raw, and walk around for at least an hour each day. You’ll be wearing these beauties for several hours, so start training your feet to love them ;-)

2) Bring back-up shoes! - Okay, so you’ve broken in the photo opp shoes, but what about the back-up pair? Yes, you need a back-up pair that’s ALSO broken in and preferably with slightly lower heels for walking around the reception, greeting and dancing with your guests.

3) Deliver the final head count. - You’ve already double-checked those stragglers who haven’t RSVP’d yet, but don’t forget to give the final head count to your hotel/caterer and make sure to stress any food allergies.

4) Submit your final shot list to your professional photographer - If you know you want photos of certain groups of people, make a list ahead of time for your photographer and inform all parties involved to be at the photography locations at certain times. The last thing you want is someone missing from the shot. For example:



Groom’s Side of The Family - Immediate Family Only

Bride’s Side of The Family - Immediate Family Only

The Couple with Grandparents

The Couple with all kids

5) Double-Check Honeymoon Logistics - Passports, rental car, flight & hotel confirmation, cash for purchases, dinner reservations, booked excursions, etc.

6) Prepare Vendor Payments/Tips - Make sure you have your checkbook/credit card ready to settle any outstanding balances with vendors on your wedding day. A nice touch is to give cash tips to those who did an extra special job making your day perfect!

7) Plan Your Getaway -Do you have your escape route and vehicle ready to whisk you away from the reception?

8) Check for an Upgrade! - If you’re spending the night in town somewhere on your wedding day, call the hotel the day of to see if there are any last-minute upgrades available. Many front desk staff will want to make magic for you on your big day, especially if occupancy is low…

9) Assign Someone to Grab Decor and Gather Your Reception Cards/Gifts - Make sure you’ve assigned someone to take any leftover centerpieces, cards, gifts, forgotten guest items, etc. from your reception…and remind them to bring a large vehicle with storage space.

10) Designate a Social Media Guru! - Create a separate FB page specifically for your wedding and have someone film live videos and share photos throughout your big day! It’ll be nice to wind down and re-live these moments on the honeymoon. It also creates one spot where guests can share all photos and videos so you have it all in one place!

11) Create Welcome Bags for Out-Of-Town Guests - Leaving a little thank you grab bag for those who have traveled far and wide to join in your special day is a nice touch that will be appreciated.

12) Drop Off Items at The Venue - See how many things you can drop off before the big day to take some pressure off and lighten your load.

13) Practice Your Vows OUT LOUD - I’m sure they sound great in your head, but make sure to say your vows out loud and record yourself! You may not realize how fast you’re speaking or what a tongue twister you’ve created!

14) Splurge for a Deep Cleaning - After a blissful honeymoon, there’s nothing more relaxing then coming home to a clean house. Whether you hire someone to clean it ahead of time or trust a friend or relative to tidy up when you’re gone, it’s worth the extra time and thought. *If you personally have time to clean you’re entire house right before the wedding, KUDOS TO YOU! ;-)

15) Assign a Waterboy - Not drinking enough water on your big day can lead to headaches, dizziness, more stress, and low energy. Assign a friend or family member to remind you to drink water throughout the entire day and into the reception. Most brides and grooms don’t even get to enjoy their meal, just make sure you’re staying hydrated for the long haul.

16) Rest, Relax and Breathe - Make it a point to get a good night’s rest before your day. Try to take a yoga class or at least make time to meditate days leading up to your big day. Meditation allows you the headspace to remember things you may have forgotten, so start setting aside that “me time” early on in the week before your wedding. Imagine a successful event and happy guests. Take deep breaths often and think positively! This is going to be one of the best days of your life!

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